New Paltz Youth Center
Offering year-round educational, recreational and social opportunities for New Paltz Middle School and High School students since 1989. We are committed to helping teenagers achieve their goals.

Youth Center Fall Hours

Open Every Day!
Saturday – Thursday 2-7pm,
Fridays 2-11pm.

Upcoming Events
We Won!!
The NPYP won “Best Youth Program in the Hudson Valley” in Hudson Valley Magazine.
The Annual NPYP (week before)Thanksgiving Feast is coming! Thursday, November 15th. Ridiculous amounts of food and desserts with our NPYP family. Starts at 5pm. Free to all but every kid who participates must either set up, help cook or clean up. No pre-sign up is necessary
C.A.F.E. (Cafeteria Alternative For Everyone) was a great success. We did a six week program three days a week at the old guidance space and small gym. We had these spaces open for the lunch blocks and provided areas where kids could hang out with friends, listen to or play music, games, get help with homework or just relax. We also have access to the small gym where we offered Basketball. We also had an opportunity to have instructors who were make up artist, offer self defense and talk about rock climbing. Over those 18 days, we signed in 930 kids!!!
This program has continued into this Fall
Tutoring!!! We tutor in up to 50 classes per day at the middle school. The largest such tutoring program in New York State!! We also tutor at the youth center after school! If you need help, we got it!!
Thanks To John Krasinski ‘s (remember Jim from “The Office”) movie (A Quiet Place), filming in New Paltz for contributing almost $2000 to our Van Fund. You can do the same by making a tax-deductible donation to the “NPYP van fund.” Check out the spooky trailer and see some familiar New Paltz locales: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9wE8dyzEJE
The NPYP volunteers at many community events. If you need community service or are just looking to volunteer your time, please let us know.
Visit us on facebook, intagram or twitter or just give us a call at 255-5140
or email us at newpaltzyp@gmail.com
Mohonk Mondays
Waffle Wednesdays
Quesadilla Thursdays
Pasta Fridays
Happy 29th Birthday New Paltz Youth Program!
September 2nd 1989